father fragments

A quick nonfiction excerpt from a project I'm working on: The dark haired boy, bare footed and tired takes the reins of the mare and throws his leg over with a kick. He’s been waiting for hours to ride. His lips widen and then he nearly lets himself giggle as the mount kicks and strides… Continue reading father fragments

colorado free writing

I want the writing to be dusty. Arid and windy as a southern colorado drive with the wash of dust littering the windshield of the old man's truckito. I want the work as faded and easy as jeans worn well past sensibility--torn and ragged from alleys of work and hard travelling--frayed around the boots from… Continue reading colorado free writing

sunday free writing

             Santiago awoke to the still morning. He looked wearily out of his bedding and then the tent and thought about how far away from his familia in Colorado he was. Hundreds of miles, he thought. But what could you do about it? Your legs were filled with the wanderlust.             He arose this particular… Continue reading sunday free writing

more rough free writing

Very rough free writing but it felt good to get something down on Santiago and a possible second chapter to this: The Open Llano             The next night as Steadfast maneuvered farther through snow and ice the storm doubled in intensity. The mountains and the surrounding pines turned slowly into white blankets, pure and deep,… Continue reading more rough free writing

free writing–abuelito’s pistola

(Less free writing than just getting a thought down.) For nearly twenty years the Abuelito's pistola rested in a worn leather sheath in the Jefita's dresser. Old fashioned wheel style weapon from his days in the hills of New Mexico and days as a charro riding his gelding and bringing home dollar boys from the state… Continue reading free writing–abuelito’s pistola

revision, revision and tying the threads

I'm going to begin this post by saying that I'm writing this in my apartment about ten feet from railroad tracks, which is just south of downtown Springfield Illinois. It's afternoon, saturday. Every so often I can hear a train  wth coal cars slam past in a great cry. The roar of the train rises… Continue reading revision, revision and tying the threads

notes for free writing

I am sitting and trying to figure out my notes and what is left for the trajectory of Monte Stories. I still remember Tracy Daugherty telling me how the individual learns how to write a novel by doing and finding. Here are the chapters I have left to free write: Carlos tries to kill Pifanio… Continue reading notes for free writing

free writing–monte stories

(Here is some very rough freewriting I wanted to get down while my poetry students took their midterms. I will have more to come as I want to follow this and see where it goes.) Lena is standing in Felipa’s kitchen and her crock pot boils over and rattles every once in a while spilling… Continue reading free writing–monte stories

Monte Chapters

(Here is my attempt to make sense of the Monte Stories chapters I've been free writing/drafting lately. I think I might have them in some kind of order now.) 1. Carlos Stories-forward ahead to Bruna and Lena talking to Manito about Carlos 2. Intro/Background-Monte and San Luis Valley 3. Carlos and Pifanio Work in South… Continue reading Monte Chapters

Free Writing: Carlos Stories

(After working on the short "Lena's Trip Home" I really enjoyed drafting the voice and the movement of Lena's Jefe--Carlos. Thought he might lead to some longer stories because of his work in the lumberyards and as a carpenter. He's based on my biological Grandfather and though I never spent much time with him I like to… Continue reading Free Writing: Carlos Stories

Freewriting: More of the Unreliable Lolo Ortiz

(Here is another freewriting improvisation I put together. It adds a bit more to Vy and Manito's coversation after they meet.) While Lolo slept Vy and the sister got to talking while I listened and drank their RC Cola. That’s when the old stories came in to the conversations. Like old memories on breezes through… Continue reading Freewriting: More of the Unreliable Lolo Ortiz