little lolo

Another short film I’ve been working on. This is called Little Lolo and it is from a few excerpts from the novel I’ve titled Little Lolo Stories.

sled story

Another version of this video I’ve been working on. This is an excerpt from the manuscript I call Little Lolo Stories.

Just a Quick Thought/Note:

Lolo Stories’ contradiction: One thing I’ve learned about telling stories is that they have nothing to do with facts–and they also have everything to do with them.


This morning as I was driving out to school the following lines slipped into my head: The Jefita had her own clippers and sometimes she dragged the boys into the bathroom for hairuts. They protested and squirmed out of her grip but she was firm. Damn it, boys, the Jefita … Continue Reading Voices


This last week has been tough. Work and then a Saturday event. The semester has torn me down but today the voices still come after  me. As I do laundry I hear the Jefita: You don’t want a family. You want slaves to work for you.

Novel Writing

This afternoon I printed out the 164 pages of the Little Lolo Stories and sat and read through again, noting the places that need tweaking. I’ve been printing out and re-reading and re-envisioning so much of the book I can’t keep up with my thoughts for revision. Anyway, I couldn’t … Continue Reading Novel Writing