six armed cross at la garita

Today I am sitting and studying the Six Armed Cross on the church at La Garita in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. Hope to travel there soon and have better pictures. Hope to draft more ideas returning me to the Monte Stories project. But today I am obsessing over the cross and the uniqueness. I am struck at how it is not your usual religous emblem and also how you can view the cross no matter which side you view. According to Virginia McConnell Simmons and her book Land of the Six Armed Cross the cross at La Garita is “symbolic of a concept of place which is not indicated by the traditional points of the compass but which is all embracing.” Like the Ute or the Hopi concept of space I have been reading from Frank Waters’ book Of Time and Change. A place is neither two nor three dimensional but four. In the San Luis Valley finite concepts of time and space seem inadequate according to Simmons. And of course this reminds me of fictive space…a continuum of time and space…

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