new year’s writing resolution

A few years back I made a joke to D about teaching and writing. I told her I was deciding to be a bad teacher and to focus on my writing. I told her I would be selfish. I would put my class work on cruise control. This was difficult to do because I feel suchContinue reading “new year’s writing resolution”

revision–carlos’ unexplained sighting

Been a while since I had a breakthrough in what I’m working on. But this one has been flat for a while and finally stole some inspiration from old Bradbury stories I’ve been rereading while I should be doing work. Carlos’ Unexplained Sighting That night the old man drains beer and rum and RC ColaContinue reading “revision–carlos’ unexplained sighting”

random thoughts on teaching like a writer

Long and difficult week of teaching has me dead tired and wondering if I can return to manuscripts. Revisions of Monte Stories will have to wait until I can read through a mountain of student essays. And this week as I have been teaching I am more and more aware of this disconnect between teaching andContinue reading “random thoughts on teaching like a writer”

monte stories–another chapter breakdown

Still quite a bit of work left to do–need to get everything going in present tense. Later chapters make too many time shifts. Also I need to give more resolution to Pifanio and Carlos–perhaps we learn of Pifanio’s death–and the idea that Pifanio is Bruna’s father–how to deal with this mystery…also I have listed atContinue reading “monte stories–another chapter breakdown”

revision, revision and tying the threads

I’m going to begin this post by saying that I’m writing this in my apartment about ten feet from railroad tracks, which is just south of downtown Springfield Illinois. It’s afternoon, saturday. Every so often I can hear a train  wth coal cars slam past in a great cry. The roar of the train risesContinue reading “revision, revision and tying the threads”