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Finished re-reading Didion’s Play It As It Lays last night and have some time before I have to re-read Fight Club for my Intro to Lit course and I don’t have to read Kingston’s last essay from her book Woman Warrior until Weds night–see what I mean when I say the brain of school has me–anyway so I have some time to read the stack of books that have been building. Books I want to read. So I have Tracy Daugherty’s Hiding Man on my desk, his book on Donald Barthelme. Only had enough energy to read the introduction called “the Lost Teacher” but found a great quote on failure and since this is a blog on failed writing I thought I would post it here. The quote made me feel good about my own failures and my own idea to create this fail blog. And after a week of personal and professional failures the quote caught me off guard. Inspired me. To approach each new draft with a sense of failure. Daugherty quotes Batheleme:

“What an artist does is fail. The actualization fails to meet, equal, the intuition…there is no such thing as the successful artist.”

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John Paul Jaramillo’s debut story collection The House of Order was named a 2013 Int’l Latino Book Award Finalist, and his most recent work Little Mocos is now available from Twelve Winters Press. In 2013 Latino Boom: An Anthology of U.S. Latino Literature listed Jaramillo as one of its Top 10 New Latino Authors to Watch and Read. He is currently a professor of composition and literature at Lincoln Land College-Springfield, Illinois.

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  1. If you give up failing then you give up working, I think. Sometimes fails and wins must be the same, though, I think. I’m making my brain hurt with this one. Re books: Summertime, John Paul!

    yer FGF

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