Hi-Tech Failures

Recently I purchased a Blackberry and found a brand new way of remembering all those bits of information that slip my mind. I didn’t buy it because of Obama and because of his need for a Blackberry I’ve read about. Now, I mean, I’m usually the kind that leaves the phone home or forgets to answer the phone when I hear it, but I am slowly starting to see the phone as another way of getting control of my life instead of escaping it. Yes, I guess, it is important to know the phone number of my Dentist’s office and my Doctor’s office–things like that. “Stay connected to important contacts and appointments” is what the box tells me. I have to grow up and remember things I tell myself.

Then, today, it hit me how I now have a complete keyboard in my pocket–how I have a way to email myself notes. This is not important when it relates to my Dentist–I mean I still have an appointment on Monday but I am not sure of the time whether I have a Blackberry or not. But the other day I found out my Great Grandfather’s Father’s name–my family just let me have it one day in conversation and I had no pen and no Moleskin. It’s Pifanio by the way if you were wondering and I emailed it to myself. I now have another Hi-Tech way of getting the writing done. 


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