This last week has been tough. Work and then a Saturday event. The semester has torn me down but today the voices still come after  me. As I do laundry I hear the Jefita: You don’t want a family. You want slaves to work for you.

Novel Writing

This afternoon I printed out the 164 pages of the Little Lolo Stories and sat and read through again, noting the places that need tweaking. I’ve been printing out and re-reading and re-envisioning so much of the book I can’t keep up with my thoughts for revision. Anyway, I couldn’t … Continue Reading Novel Writing


(This is upsetting. Mostly because this is a form and no real specific editorial comment was given. And I used their submission form online and they want to know if they should return it or shred my email?–showing me there was not much thought to this email.) Dear John Paul … Continue Reading Fail

Update on Fail

Dear John,   I walked into my kitchen and thought about the situation again.  We didn’t evaluate it as a story, so let’s use it in the English version.  Don’t worry about it.  That’s what we’ll do.  We’ll be sending you checkmark evaluations later today, most likely.    Sincerely,   … Continue Reading Update on Fail

Explanation of Fail

 (When I am rejected, I always wonder, is it the content? Could this be the answer?) Dear John Jaramillo, I’m afraid we cannot accept your story after all..  Our third guidline says, “English only.”    I know some of Hemingway’s wonderful work contatins Spanish.  But this is a tiny venue … Continue Reading Explanation of Fail