How odd and yet how right that I read this post after I wrote my previous comment. It is so appropriate that it starts with Mark driving and the car and the journey and the destination. All parts are necessary, though. Sometimes we arrive at the place we didn't know we wanted to arrive at and sometimes we plan out the trip, but we arrive there all the same.

poem for everyone

love is like a bowl
so when you break it
glue it together
if it won't hold water
fill it with apples

John Knoepfle

And this one, too–

pray for everyone
so that we can redeem
all the bleak, bright hours
when we did not
pray for ourselves

John Knoepfle

Because even as one who doesn't believe in the traditional version of religion, I am still one who has never given up prayer. It sits on the tip of my tongue daily, like St. Chris on a dashboard.