Internet Research Failures and Successes–Tour Information 1961

Sometimes it completely blows my mind what is on the internet to corroborate the old stories from the neighborhood. But I just found this site that lists tour information for Fats Domino and Chuck Berry from a range of many years–1950-2008.

The Abuelito always sold this story about Fats Domino famously coming to Huerfano/Pueblo to play at an event–the site I found calls it a ‘private function.’ The story was that a gold ring was stolen right off his finger as he shook hands. The rumor is he was finishing up a performance and meeting and greeting people when a ring was slipped off of his finger. The story is that Fats Domino was robbed by the old chicanos of the old neighborhood like Lolo and Cornbread and swore he would never return to the town.This story is highly suspect knowing the Abuelito spun quite a few yarns. But the old man said it was in the 60’s and Lolo would have been in his teens.

This research is key to my prologue in setting up Huerfano/Pueblo as the rough stolen property place I remember it–at least on Spruce Street of the old neighborhood. I’d like to find more of an article to corroborate this story but until then it is just a neighborhood story like all the stories.

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