notes on spanglish

Isis Artze–contributing writer to The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education–and her article “Spanglish is Here to Stay” obviously have a similar point of view to Ilan Stavans’ article I studied yesterday morning. She writes it is here to stay and needs attention. She also quotes from Stavans’ article and calls him the foremost scholar on the “linguistic phenomenon” of Spanglish–good to know–and agrees with him that Spanglish is closer to Yiddish than Ebonics, describing Yiddish as more “regional varieties”  of language. I was also interested in her writing that Spanglish has reached a new status–she writes Stavans is teaching a course on the subject and publishing academically and also mentions a dictionary of Spanglish–also good to know. And both these writers seem to agree with Spanglish having attention also inevitably leads to anxiety and xenophobia. I was also interested to see another author giving much insight into opposing points of view–those scholars who disagree with Stavans. She quotes Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria, professor of comparative lit at Yale University, and also Ana Veciana-Suarez a Miami Herald columnist as both being in staunch opposition to Stavan and I guess my point of view. Glad to find opposing views…I should have more time to read these articles in a few days…

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