Early Morning Imaginary Voices

After another early morning session–5am really works for my writing somehow–and looks like I have some directions to think about–more imaginary voices to answer to and follow.

Romes is trying to tell me that men and woman both treat people badly and not to judge all men or all women. Also Manito has a choice this morning to either snitch on Bea or perhaps live with deceiving Lolo and possibly Cornbread. So in this organization or fraternity of men he finds himself in on Spruce he has to make a decision. (I am stealing that fraternity of men idea from Leaonard Gardner’s Fat City.)

And I know the idea of a snitch is an ancient concept–not just from modern rap music. I remember DeNiro’s snitch speech to Henry Hill from Goodfella’s: “Never  rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.”

I also am reminded by Romes that I need to go back and give a scene or comment on the idea of snitching to Manito and Lolo–Baca would want the two to watch over his daughter as if they could save her. As if they could save anybody. As if anybody could save anybody–Thank you, D, for that one. As if anybody could be saved from their own actions.

Published by john paul jaramillo

John Paul Jaramillo was born and raised in southern Colorado. His stories and essays have appeared in numerous publications, including the Acentos Review, Palabra, A Magazine of Chicano and Latino Literary Art, and most recently in Duende. His collection The House of Order: Stories was named an International Latino Book Award Finalist and his novel in stories Little Mocos is forthcoming from Twelve Winters Press. In 2013 the editors of Latino Boom: An Anthology of U.S. Latino Literature listed Jaramillo as one of its Top 10 New Latino Authors to Watch and Read.

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