what are you? writer vs teacher

2 thoughts on “what are you? writer vs teacher”

  1. We’ve also talked about this before. Your first year here, I believe. At that time, I told you I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I’d become a “reader.” Well, the fact is, I haven’t. And while I think there is much to be learned by looking at the contrasts between form/ideology, teacher/doer, writer/reader, writer/teacher, I also believe that too much of that becomes false perception. The fact is, we have to encompass so many roles at so many points in our lives. The roles don’t have to be in competition with each other. Hmm–my words have me thinking though. My choice of words, actually. Perhaps the “answer” to your question from me at this time is another question: Which of those do you see as your role and which as your identity?

  2. Well, after receiving my instructor evaluations for the one class I had reviewed I am still ion the thinking I am a writer rather than a teacher. Again, I am not sure what makes a teacher a teacher. The tucked-in polo shirt and sport coat or the patches over the pocket. I guess I just understand what it means to me to be a failed writer more than a failed teacher. Being a failed writer only hurts me and being a failed teacher affects my students. If I fail, they fail. Maybe that is extreme.

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