Maxwell’s So Long, See You Tomorrow

2 thoughts on “Maxwell’s So Long, See You Tomorrow”

  1. Some nights I get online to blog and as part of my process, I read yours first and then I see that you have written what I was thinking, only better. I wasn’t thinking of Maxwell tonight, but I am thinking of this book I am reading that is the equivalent to a happy meal without the toy. I was sort of duped into reading it because it has a pit bull in it and I love pit bulls. It’s horribly written and I have to read it because my friend will soon ask me how I liked it and I want to be able to fully articulate every reason it sucks.

    But then, one of the students who works in our Center says he reads bad writing so that he can know more about what makes good writing good. I like that, especially coming from a writer as young as he is.

    I’m gonna go write about all this now. Bye bye.

  2. I guess I’m cheesy, but I think art does have the potential to befriend us and wake us up to new possibilities–what the best of relationships do.

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