new year’s writing resolution

A few years back I made a joke to D about teaching and writing. I told her I was deciding to be a bad teacher and to focus on my writing. I told her I would be selfish. I would put my class work on cruise control. This was difficult to do because I feel suchContinue reading “new year’s writing resolution”

revision–the timeline

Sabbatical blues have set in. Missing the classroom. But the great revision is taking up most of my time now. Since New York State Writers’ Institue I’ve been working on making narrator more known and yet controlled as well as detailing a bit more physical details of the house at the center of this story. Jenny CornellContinue reading “revision–the timeline”

revision–carlos’ unexplained sighting

Been a while since I had a breakthrough in what I’m working on. But this one has been flat for a while and finally stole some inspiration from old Bradbury stories I’ve been rereading while I should be doing work. Carlos’ Unexplained Sighting That night the old man drains beer and rum and RC ColaContinue reading “revision–carlos’ unexplained sighting”

monte stories–revision notes

The projects Highland Stories and Little Lolo Stories are pretty much done which means Monte Stories and the Cornbread project need to get fully drafted this summer. I am a week and a half away from some time to focus on my own work and I need to get a revision plan down. I remember whenContinue reading “monte stories–revision notes”