end of year note

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.41.31 PM.pngJust a quick note at the end of a long year. I guess it is important to remind myself about some writing news as well as teaching thoughts. The last few weeks have given me some good news. My story “Little Mocos” has appeared in Duende Literary Magazine. I am very grateful and thankful to the editors for working with me on revising the piece.

12274707_1164799070214327_8032396525517735155_n.jpgI was also excited to hear my stories “Farmhouse in the Lanes” and “Penance” appeared in translation in Word Mosaic Journal of Literature and Art. Turns out penance in German is buße.

I’ve also begun reworking the Monte Stories manuscript, and though revision goes a bit slow, I’m happy to find the stories heading in a sci-fi direction. Perhaps this break from teaching will give me some time to re-read some Kurt Vonnegut, a writer I return to again and again in some of my note-taking. Excited to see the writing style developing.

I’ve also heard word this last week on new computers at work–26 Chromebooks to change the way I teach comp, lit and creative writing. Should make for an interesting year in developing my teaching skills as well as writing.


  1. John Paul, Congratulations on the publication of your story and on the translations. . It would be interesting to see how your teaching has evolved from the time I took your class. As I recall, I was quite happy with it. I learned from your critiques, discovered writers I hadn’t heard of, read authors I’d been meaning to read but hadn’t (Didion, etc.) Also, I liked your high expectations. It’s always a culture shock taking a day class with so many youngsters not long out of high school. So often seems like they don’t even want to be there–as opposed to night classes where it’s mostly adults who choose to be there. Maybe in a year or so, I’ll try taking another class (so busy in my retirement that seems like I don’t have time for anything anymore). . Wishing you and Deborah a happy holiday and productive and happy New Year. . Gary (and Larry)  


    1. So good to hear from you, Gary. I was off of Facebook for a while and lost contact with some folks. Glad to hear you’re well and busy. Glad to hear about your memories from our class. Hope you’re busy writing/revising.


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