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I want to try something new on this blog. In the spirit of “time” issues we seem to deal with at my college, I want to give some sort of record as to what I do on a typical work day. I chose today because I just thought of this and also because we’ve been discussing time–in offices and also in a development day meetings. I’m not going to do it in order to document meetings with students–my personal notes do that. But I want to get some thoughts down for whoever might read this blog. Also I have been feeling I have more on this blog about writing than teaching, so this is my attempt to rectify that.

830: Arrive at my office and immediately type up my notes on “White Tigers” by Maxine Hong Kingston–read her work for about thirty or forty minuties or so in bed and had some thoughts but had no time last night. Discussion went well last class in discussing creative nonfiction and the question of women’s societal roles. Reminding me of the beauty of her work. Also had a student who didn’t have her book and wondering if he’ll have it today or borrow it from me today in office hours.

850: Head to office to pick up mail which usually consists of late assignments students drop off in my mailbox. I’ll have to find time to grade them quickly in order to return them to students by class time at 12 and 2. Also had a second to open a box which had my free copy of Norton Anthology of Latino Lit. I purchased the hardcover version and have it at home but glad to have a copy for my office. Still need to schedule a meeting with friend in Colorado to discuss this book.

9: Composition class time has been rescheduled to accommodate individual conferences. I’ll be sitting in my office and talking about revisions and research for the final formal assignment.

First discussion 9 to 920: Student’s questions on Sand Creek Massacre and primary materials. Interesting to see students interested in primary sources and relating them to the factual record. Student was upset over primary sources she found concerning Chivington and the American military’s attitude.

920 to 940 or so: Second conference today on subject of Columbus and primary sources. Told him to steal–not borrow from Howard Zinn–and perhaps find Washington Irving’s book or excerpts from Washington Irving’s book from the 1840’s.

940 to 10 or so: Wrote some emails/responded to 3 student emails over scheduling conference times and assigned topics. Wrote some emails to other composition coordinators on assessment form within Google Docs we might use.

10 to 1015: Walk-in instead of appointment. Lit student and I discussed Zoot Suit and idea of El Pachuco and what he might represent to the protagonist and also how student might organize his formal interpretation we’re writing in ethnic lit class next week.

1015 to 1025: Another conference over topic of Columbus and Washington Irving. I have three students from different sections writing on Columbus as Discoverer or America or Originator of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

1025 to 1030: Went back to Form versus Meaning diagram I put together for Lit 113 and added a few thoughts on Kingston’s essay “White Tigers” and theme of contradicting messages on the role of women. Also had some time to buy a bottle of water and reread sections from “the Woman Warrior” and time to review my annotations for class. Also updated blogs for new appointments made through email.

1030 to 1040: Waited ten minutes for student who signed up for appointment. I hate it when they do that especially when I receive emails from students who want to make an appointment with a limited time schedule. Argh. Decided to run down to photocopy a handout for my lit class instead of sitting and waiting.

1045-1059: Responded to some emails. Heard word the D was a finalist for Master Teacher Award and also heard she was accepted to summer conference. Searched and found documents on my computer that I will review inc lass today–annotated bibliography assignment sheet, development of literary interpretation handout and also my literary trends chart.

11 to 1115: Spent time alphabetizing a stack of informal responses I hope to have the time to respond to before class time at 12 and also before class time at 2. Most likely will have to wait until Sat or Sun to return on Mon along with what I will receive today.

1115 to 1130: Another student no-show. more time to review essay for Lit 113 class at 12.

1130 to 1145 or so: Conference with student on Holocaust Denial and uses of primary materials to cover controversy.

12 to 1: Classroom time: Lecture on creative nonfiction and Kingston’s “White Tigers”. Review of annotated bibliography assignment. Interesting discussion about Kingston and feminism. Always surprised how young women hate the title of feminism and argue odd cultural arguments against feminism: I wear a bra or I am never offended by representation of women.

105 to 115 or so: Conference on textual analysis of Afghanistan War. Advised student to see what Afghani or afghan scholars primary sources have to say as opposed to American popular culture viewpoint.

115 to 125 or so: Filling out intercollegiate athletic forms for students in my Lit 111 course. Have to add up a few grades for grade checks.

125: Vending machine lunch/snack–chips.

130 to 145: Conference with student over Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp textual analysis paper.

145 to 2: Finish eating chips and gummy bears.

2 to 3: Lit 111 class time discussing postmodern themes in Palahniuk’s Fight Club as well as reviewing for In class essay assignment next week–also reviewing annotated bibliography and mla citations and the establishing of credentials within annotation. Also reviewed Gale Lit Crit Online and EBSCO database.

305 to 315: Respond to some questions via email and day about over.

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