waiting for superman

Had a rare afternoon free from classes and grading annotated bibliographies and so went to see Waiting for Superman. Something I wish all teachers could do. I’d read of it and watched a few interviews–this youtube video on the film I find particularly interesting. I couldn’t help but think the criticisms … Continue Reading waiting for superman

three minute fail

Submitted this to the NPR contest and lost. But I had fun editing down the cross section of another story down to 300 words. The winner was a fine story about dying birds/owls. The other stories were all pretty whetto but I’m not complaining. Or maybe I am. The previous … Continue Reading three minute fail

fat city

I’ve been obsessing over the novel Fat City and the film Fat City over the last couple of days. I should be reading So Long, See You Tomorrow by William Maxwell. I should be grading my Lit students’ second formal essay. But instead I am rereading scenes and watching scenes … Continue Reading fat city