“penance” has a home

My short story “Penance” finally has a home. In May it will appear in Verdad literary and fine arts journal. This story is only the second from my grad school thesis to find some place to stay.

writing and teaching

Found this online source today called the Teacher’s Voice. A publication filled with poems and articles by and from Latino teachers who also write creatively. They have a great page called the war on public education. I wish I could get some of my essays revised and ready to go to submit … Continue Reading writing and teaching


My short story “Lena’s Trip Home” has finally found a home. In April it will appear in Fogged Clarity arts review. Finally happy to receive some editorial comment. Fogged Clarity looks like a nice publication bringing music and writing together.

sun morning fail

Hi, John,   Thanks for your submission to Flatmancrooked and your patience in hearing back. It’s not a match for us at this time, but the prose is very strong and I do hope you’ll continue to think of us when submitting in the future. We wish you the best … Continue Reading sun morning fail

antique children update

This week…on Antique Children Words: Ron Hirschbein, Charlie Vázquez, James Miller, Raúl Hernández Garrido, Lora Rivera, and Lisa Alvarado, Fernando Sabido Sánchez, and Xánath Caraza. Visuals: Leslie Ditto, Steven Thomas, Horacio Bustos, Megan Bachant, Brent Becker, Sergey Martyuk, Baron Norris, and Scott Wilson. Films: Joseph Heller part 1 – Moyers … Continue Reading antique children update