back to the brain of teaching

First day of classes and back to the brain of teaching. I have carved a tuesday and thursday morning section for myself to write and edit. Thanks to D. Again I started this blog/site to follow my progress and to help to discipline myself away from being just a reader or just a teacher. Don’t get me wrong I love teaching and studying fiction and form and aesthetics. But writers should write. 

With that said, I do want and plan to get back to the Cornbread manuscript and maybe a few of the short stories I’ve neglected. I also have over 30 minutes of old neighborhood footage to get through for some new movies. I’ve also agreed to select and edit some fiction entries for Antique Children’s website. That should help me to think like an editor, teacher and write as a student of literary aesthetic.

brand new year to fail

I started this blog in November of 2008 with the goal of concentrating on my writing. I also wanted to focus more on my submission of writing. Back then I remember worrying that I was becoming more of a  teacher and reader than a writer and so this website was to discipline me as well as help me to record my failures and successes. As it stands now 2009 was such a successful year for me. I saw 5 short pieces selected for a variety of online and print publications and I gained much needed confidence for my writing and I do hope 2010 will bring me more successes and more opportunities to share my writing. More importantly more time as well to edit and create my work.

The other day when we heard about the Crash Online Literary Journal wanting one of my favorite stories D told me–Hey, you’re are doing it. You’re like a real writer.

Thank you, D.