prose home movies

The first time I heard of the ‘prose home movie’ I was in Will Hochman’s Major Authors course studying my beloved JD Salinger. I remember it was a seminar course and we sat round robin style and Will made fun of the white socks and black shoes I was wearing at … Continue Reading prose home movies

little lolo

Another short film I’ve been working on. This is called Little Lolo and it is from a few excerpts from the novel I’ve titled Little Lolo Stories.

home movies

First draft of another short movie I’m working on. This is from an excerpt from a manuscript I call Huerfanos.


John, We would like to accept “Sled Story” for publication in Shape of a Box. You give a solid reading of a solid story/excerpt and I would like to use that footage.  I could just link from it, but honestly, I’d prefer to take the footage so I could add credits and … Continue Reading win

sled story

Another version of this video I’ve been working on. This is an excerpt from the manuscript I call Little Lolo Stories.

As You Are Video Experiment

Third draft of experimental film I’ve been editing. D and I shot it in Allerton Park. I want to make some movies including my short stories so this was a learning experience. The film was inspired by Joel Styzens’ amazing song As You Are.