notes–monte stories

(Had some time this morning to reorganize some of the chapters…)

Carlos Stories–intro of family questions

San Luis Valley–intro to history and immigration from NM

South Fork–work and Pifanio’s spread


Pifanio–family, wealth and work

Carlos and Felipa–meet and

Delores–Pifanio’s wife

Pifanio and Felipa–affair

Pifanio’s Wives–Pifanio history of infidelity

Felipa Pregnant–

Carlos’ Unexplained Sighting–beginning of diabetes problems

Carlos and the Sugar–diabetes and leg problems

Felipa’s Pregnancy–

Carlos’ Foreclosure–

Carlos and Felipa’s Trip to the Market

Carlos and Juan Lee Drink in a Bar

Phone Call to the Daughter–

The Daughter’s Trip Home–

Carlos Back in His Day–

Felipa Haunts Lena–

Carlos Without Felipa–

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