notes–monte stories

(Had some time this morning to reorganize some of the chapters…)

Carlos Stories–intro of family questions

San Luis Valley–intro to history and immigration from NM

South Fork–work and Pifanio’s spread


Pifanio–family, wealth and work

Carlos and Felipa–meet and

Delores–Pifanio’s wife

Pifanio and Felipa–affair

Pifanio’s Wives–Pifanio history of infidelity

Felipa Pregnant–

Carlos’ Unexplained Sighting–beginning of diabetes problems

Carlos and the Sugar–diabetes and leg problems

Felipa’s Pregnancy–

Carlos’ Foreclosure–

Carlos and Felipa’s Trip to the Market

Carlos and Juan Lee Drink in a Bar

Phone Call to the Daughter–

The Daughter’s Trip Home–

Carlos Back in His Day–

Felipa Haunts Lena–

Carlos Without Felipa–

monte notes

D had some good ideas and I want to get the notes down because the brain of teaching and grading has me. Right now I am looking at 15 conferences a day for the next 4 days so Carlos and Felipa will have to take a back seat right now.

But D’s idea was to have some coverage of the conversation between Carlos and his Compadre before ‘the fight’ and perhaps give some coverage to Felipa inside of the grocery and their individual thought processes. I need to go back and think more clearly on means of perceptions and the switches as I move from white space to white space.

monte notes

I had an idea the other day to follow Carlos and Felipa downtown as they shop. Mostly I had some memories of stories–stories of how Carlos would drop the wife off for groceries while he went to a bar and would forget her as the time ran on. This always filled me with imaginings of how that day would happen. My own Grandmother told me stories of phone calls looking for the old man at the local bar. I want to explore this later tonight or when I have time. The brain of grading and responding to student essays has me but I want to follow Carlos in downtown Monte.

No Time

The brain of my course load has me and didn’t have the time to draft or get any free writing down today. I did think about Carlos and how he might’ve acted or been an hour or so before his amputation surgeries. He would’ve stripped down and laid down in the hallway, tired and lonely becase Felipa is away haunting around the neighborhood where her daughter, Bruna, might be with Carlos’ daughter…