Random Notes

Here are some random notes I came up with today as I have been thinking of how these Monte Stories might play out. I know they will follow Carlos and his much younger wife Felipa and the Compadre Pifanio…

Somehwere along the way the stories will follow Lena on train ride from Pueblo, CO to Monte Vista. The day follows Lena and her thoughts–Felipa names 8th daughter but the baby is promised to Lena. Maybe this baby is Pifanio’s and this will push the drama, maybe?

More notes…

Felipa to beauty shop in Alamosa and wants to go to Stampede to dance and drink but Carlos wants to rest and drink and wants to retire and Pifanio is the friend of Carlos from work and he asks her to come with him possible affair.

Carlos maybe sees ufo while he sits and drinks…

Carlos gets hurt and saved by Pifanio maybe…

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