Los Lobos and Process

This blog is supposed to be about writing but this band means so much to my writing I had to write about the Weds night concert D and I attended in the middle of the Dupage County Fair. Under a beautiful sky and in the middle of a unseasonably cool night, the band played so many of the songs that help me to write. I often tell people that if not for Los Lobos and their albums I wouldn’t have been able to write Little Lolo Stories and maybe even Rabbit Story which will soon be coming out in the Copper Nickel Review.

Afterwards the band signed autographs and we were lucky enough to be one of the first few in line. They signed t-shirts and cds. And they even made conversation with D and I–it was amazing. I was surprised how star struck I was with them. I could only say: You guys were great. I did manage to shake all of their hands except for Cesar Rosas.

Here’s a horrible photo I took with my camera phone:


I grew up with music–the Grandfather had an 8 track in the car and a horrible sounding tape player in the van we used for long trips through New Mexico. I can’t think of a fishing trip or a Sunday meal in my early life without music playing somehow in the background. Even the Grandmother had a little radio above the dinner table. And I do think the Ipod and Itunes–and before that Napster–are the greatest inventions for writers. I use it as fuel and as that mood to get into the fictive space.

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