Ideas for Piñon Stories

Went out and bought some piñon from a guy by the side of the road. Old truckito and dusty clothes–had a real Lolo feel to him. Told us about where to find the piñon. Told me about San Luis and Alamosa crop drying up but the best luck he’s had was driving out to Catron County in New Mexico. Takes some time driving, you know, he told me. But the crop was worth it. No fences to jump or nothing, is what he also told me.

This became an idea for some sort of a new improvisation. I am stealing that word from William Maxwell. I picked up a copy of his collected short stories and instead of notes or free writing he calls them improvisations. Well, this latest improvisation I will be drafting out shortly. I’ve got a few pages of notes in my notebooks and hopefully the full draft will come soon.

This is also what the guy told me: The crop is unreliable, he said. You know. Good thing I don’t have a regular job, you know.

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