Hi-Tech Failures

Recently I purchased a Blackberry and found a brand new way of remembering all those bits of information that slip my mind. I didn’t buy it because of Obama and because of his need for a Blackberry I’ve read about. Now, I mean, I’m usually the kind that leaves the … Continue Reading Hi-Tech Failures

Another Failure

(I set up this blog with the idea that these are not truly failures as long as the lesson is to learn from them. But they can become tiring.) Dear John,   Thank you for the opportunity to read your submission. After careful consideration, we have concluded that we are … Continue Reading Another Failure

3 Failures and a Win

Dear John Paul Jaramillo: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to read your submission (“Descansos”) to Many Mountains Moving. This journal and small press could not thrive without the submissions and support of thousands of poets, writers and artists like you. Although we are not able to publish your work … Continue Reading 3 Failures and a Win

Latest Failure

John, Thank you for giving us the chance to consider “Farmhouse in the Lanes” for publication in The Missouri Review. Though it does not fit our current needs, we appreciate your interest in our magazine and your commitment to quality writing. We wish you the best of luck publishing your … Continue Reading Latest Failure