Breakdown of Little Lolo Chapters

(I drafted something similar out for Cornbread and it was very helpful. I seem to be a bit stuck with revision of Little Lolo Stories Project so maybe this will help with ideas. I am especially stuck with the early chapters even though the arc is there. Now, of course, the language needs work but the arc is there.)


This is the intro to Mitedio’s Coco stories and the brief look into the boys’ life on Spruce. Introduces Lolo and older brother Relles.

1. Lolo lapping Milk

Here we learn Lolo is very scrawny and causes the Jefe some shame. Lolo embarrasses himself in front of the Grandfather.

2. Tattoos

We learn Lolo is obsessed with the Jefe and Mitedio’s tattoos–also bringing home spiders and snakes.

3. Lolo breaks wrists

This is a short chapter that follows Lolo on a night bike ride to box elder where he breaks his wrists.

4. Jefe’s ears and list

Here we learn the Jefe cannot work too much because of his ears–he is asked to go home and come back but his shifts are cut back which means he will increase amount of side-jobs.

5. Jefe mows lawn

Jefe is at home more and more and working on his yard and seems to take it out on Lolo–we also leanr he steals. This contradicts later chapters and I need to work on that.

6. Multi Purpose Belt

This establishes Jefe as very strict and the boys as causing a bit of trouble.

7. Las Dias

Here the birthday events are introduced–the Ortiz family time together.

8. Rabbit Story

Flashforward and intro of 1st person–Lolo tells Manito story of Jefe fathering a child outside of marriage. Lolo never tells what he sees until years later.

9. Crew of Fosters

Introduction of Jefe as frugile and Jefita takes in fosters to make money.

10. Mitedio plays with boys

Jefe has work and discipline but this chapter shows Mitedio as sympathetic to the kids.

11. Lolo around the neighborhood

Lolo rides around neighborhood–some interesting spots are inroduced– and he looks for Mitedio out drunk

12. Lolo and Chickens

Lolo cries when chickens are killed for dinner–hates to see animals hurt but then he grows colder to violence. This should come earilier too perhaps.

13. Boys play in snow

14. Jefe in Burma

Flashback giving a bit of sympathy to Jefe

15. the Bear

Jefe trashes Lolo’s teddy bear he sleeps with (Perhaps this should come earlier?)

16. the dog

The boys and Jefita take in a dog

17. driven to the fields

Jefe takes boys to side-jobs

18. Mitedio Returns from Korea

Introduces Mitedio as war vet and Korean War pow

19. Mitedio moves to Spruce

Mitedio’s wife puts him out and her brothers kick him out of San Luis Valley.

20.-24. Juanita’s Boy

Mitedio watches boys as Jefe and Jefita head to funeral–Mitedio is not allowed in his mother’s home because he is a drunk and thief. He is last resort for the Jefe and the Jefita in emergency.

25. Mitedio’s Fishing Trips

Mitedio takes the boys out and shows them more freedom than their Jefe.

26. Mitedio’s Fight

Shows Mitedio to be a drinker and unstable/also lonely

27. Rock in the Beans

Mitedio finds a rock in Jefita’s beans and is kicked out of Spruce

28. Lolo fractures skull

Lolo and the crew of boys argue more and more after Mitedio is gone.

29. Jefita pregnant

Jefita comes from doctor and the news is very sad news–another child will strain the family;s already thin budget.

30. Mitedio in prison

The Jefe tells the boys about Mitedio sentenced to jail.

31.-32. Jefita in Colorado Springs

The Jefe has to work more and more side-jobs after Mitedio leaves and after finding out a baby is coming. Jefita goes to visit her sister to deal with the pregnancy–perhaps considering leaving the Jefe.

33. Jefe and Crew Hunting

The Jefe and crew stop for some hunting after they work in the lettuce fields. Lolo falls down a hill and then shows some toughness–wins over Jefe’s affection. 

34. Jefe returns

When Jefe comes back from trip he finds the chickens and rabbits dead and blames Jefita. They argue and Jefita argues for Jefe to change his ways before new baby comes.

35. the fight

Jefe out to dinner with Jefita–thisis their makeup dinner–and then fights with Avellanos who is drawn as desperate and violent.

36.-37. Flashback

Young Mitedio and Jefe/Luis fight and scene shows Jefe similar to Lolo at young age.

38. Jefe gets stitches

39. Mitedio Calls

Mitedio calls while the Jefe and Jefita out and catches up with boys.

40.-41. Colorado State Penitentiary Visit

Jefe and Jefita as well as the crew of boys head out to visit Mitedio.

42-43. Jefe Arrested

Jefe arrested over fight with Avellanos.

44. Jefe Interviewed

I have the Jefe interviewed by the CJA and being asked questions about his family. He is pushed to speak about his family–jail time has broken him and forces him to see clearly.

45. Jefe plays in backyard

Resolution where I have Jefe playing with the boys–a pretty small gesture–but after time in jail he is ready to play. I still need to resolve the ears/hearing situation I set up early on.

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