So great to receive some specific editorial comment: Dear John Paul: Thank you so much for submitting your work to the Copper Nickel. The entire fiction staff really admires “Rabbit Story.” However, we are a little confused about what happens to the young girl who dies in childbirth, a little … Continue Reading Win!

Fictive Bearings

Taking a five  minute break from grading Lit 110 midterms and Iwant to get down some notes on next few Little Lolo Stories. I think and hope I am close to a resolution but my process is so circular–and the chapters feel good as theycome and as I write them … Continue Reading Fictive Bearings

Hornsby on Rushdie

I have been following Nick Hornsby’s blog pretty closely–I like the way he brings pop culture and the literary together. He reads and watches everything. Here is an excerpt about failure: Salman Rushdie, writing in the Guardian about film adaptations, tells us that “the failures are so much more frequent … Continue Reading Hornsby on Rushdie

Thoughts on Process

I only had a few personal conversations with Tracy Daugherty back at Oregon State–a writer I more and more admire lately–and most of the time spent with him was in class or with lectures. I even went to some of his classes without being registered in them just to hear … Continue Reading Thoughts on Process


(I’ve been thinking of taking the Little Lolo stories into some interesting places–the Tio and the Grandfather used to scare the crap out of me with the Coco Man since I was a little kid. And until I was 12 I was so afraid of their old basement and the … Continue Reading Research–Coco


Just yesterday I received this email from the Acentos Review: Dear John, We would be very pleased to publish in The Acentos Review, March 2009 issue the following short story:  Farmhouse in the Lanes Please email us as soon as possible giving us approval to publish and the assurance that … Continue Reading Win!