Free Writing

And there was play–great amounts of pleasure in the dirt and pavement of the alley. Immense imagined baseball games and championship marble championships. Handball on the side of the garage and stolen bases and snagged line drives and stolen home runs.  Massive climbs and maneuvers over the back fence and … Continue Reading Free Writing

Free Writing

(Voices seem to want to take this Cornbread story to a weird place.) A lifetime of bad thoughts followed those few days with Romes. I hear his voice over and over again in my dreams. I’ve heard them for 15 years. Years later living in New York State, California and then … Continue Reading Free Writing

Failed Free Writing

The men could not resist gathering in the backyard on warm summer nights and into the mornings the call to play their poker. The neighborhood was an immense gambling neighborhood. ‘Their poker’ was how the Abuelita described it–as if she wanted nothing with the sessions. I’m sure she felt this … Continue Reading Failed Free Writing

Failed Audiences

No matter how long I teach and no matter what odd circumstances the classroom gives, I never cease to be amazed at the lack of enthusiasm and lack of professionalism and civility I feel from my students. More this term than any term. And perhaps I am an idealist–or perhaps I just … Continue Reading Failed Audiences

Failed Poetry

Back at Oregon State Tracy Daugherty talked about the idea of finding past literary faces in old documents and old manuscripts in files–sort of like identity found in past drafts. And I always thought that was an interesting concept but I never felt it the way he spoke of it … Continue Reading Failed Poetry